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Ratio of subcontractors within transport services

The ecological assessment of transport services requires real and actual data of those companies who are responsible for the respective transport services. This is an essential prerequisite for sound assessment results. But looking at goods transport, often a high number of subcontractors are participating within the transport services, i.e. within main run as well as within distribution and delivery. This makes the collection and integration of external data necessary. Today, it is only known by the single company, how many subcontractors are relevant for the respective transport services. No representative key figure of the logistics sector has been published so far.

Thus, for covering about 80% of the transport services (e.g. on the base of tonne kilometer) with real data, is it necessary to integrate external data from 40 or merely 10 companies? What is it like looking at 70% or 90% of the transport services?

The Green Logistics consortium invites all interested parties to take part in the running survey on “Analysis of the ratio of subcontractors within transport services”. The survey addresses logistic service providers as well as loading agents of any size.

The data received is treated by Fraunhofer IML as confidential. For further communication within the consortium as well as in a latter publication it is made anonymous.

Thank you in anticipation!